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Kirill Gamazenkov

Product Manager @JetBrains

Kirill is a professional software development product/program manager with more than nine years of international experience in the field. He’s managed internationally renowned, award-winning development platforms based in The Netherlands, Russia, Korea, Belarus, and Cyprus, and is passionate about production, product management, and delivery that maintains and creates value streams.

For him, the most exciting part is to drive products from a primordial soup of pre-production phase into the real world of facing your customer.  What makes a product a product? Who are your customers? How to build a team which can deliver? – He knows that there are no A-grade answers for those questions, but that makes them even better 🙂

Kirill has learned that there are no unsolvable problems, only exciting challenges and that everything is achievable within budget and on time with smart lateral thinking and flexible, creative solutions.