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The Art of Prioritization the Radical Product Thinking way

Most product leaders pick out prioritization as one of their hardest challenges – remote working only exacerbates this. Not only do you have to make difficult decisions, but you also have to persuade your team and stakeholders on your priorities… over Zoom. To experienced product leaders, priorities may at times seem obvious because you’ve developed an intuition for product decisions and priorities. How do you develop the same product intuition in your team? How do you make prioritization discussions more productive and less contentious?

In this talk, you’ll learn a powerful method and vocabulary that you can use across the organization to prioritize almost anything, from sales opportunities and strategic initiatives to tactical features in your sprint planning. As an added bonus, for Star Wars fans, you’ll feel like you’ve learned to use The Force and be ready to use it in your organization.

July 7 @ 13:30
13:30 — 14:00 (30′)

Radhika Dutt