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How to Recover from a Hard Pivot

During the product lifecycle, if your product has been successful enough to mature over years, there comes a time when a product manager confronts the question of the rewrite. What happens if you decide to rewrite and then decide not to rewrite?
When the entire product pivots, as a product manager, how do you decide what problems are the most important to solve from this seemingly blank slate? How might the team setup change? How might the product development process change? What kind of new roles might be needed?
In this case study, I’ll talk about why and how Babbel pivoted from launching a new product to delivering value through its current product as well as lessons learned along the way.
After this talk, you will leave knowing how to recover from hard pivots through evolutionary change, transparency, and…eclairs.
June 8 @ 11:50
11:50 — 12:20 (30′)

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Bettina Shzu-Juraschek